Five Things to Avoid During a PA No Fault Divorce

If headed for a PA no fault divorce where neither spouse blames the other for a specific occurrence that led to the divorce, it is vital to ensure it remains that way. No fault divorces tend to have several benefits because not only do they cost much less than a fault divorce, but they generally carry along less resentment. To guarantee your no fault divorce remains drama free, try to avoid things that could impair communication with your spouse, damage agreements for a fair settlement, and that abandon precautions that may assist you if your situation were to take a turn towards fault divorce. Within this article, are five suggestions that could cause your no fault divorce to take a turn for the worse.

1. Neglecting to Have Business Assets Valuated

Even if your lawyer or mediator assists in helping you and your spouse reach an agreement regarding asset distribution, they don’t actually assist with evaluating the market value of business assets. Consequently if you neglect to have your business assets valuated by a business valuator whose expertise is in gauging the fair market value of businesses and their assets, you could receive a lesser amount of asset value than you are entitled to. This stresses the importance of have business assets that are intertwined with marital assets valuated.

2. Hiring A Lawyer that Doesn’t Specialize in Divorce

It may be comforting to let an attorney friend or family member that doesn’t specialize in divorce handle your divorce case, getting the best results usually requires hiring a divorce attorney. Retaining an attorney who isn’t familiar with the legal landscape of divorce could have serious consequences, especially if your spouse has a seasoned divorce attorney.

3. Hiring an Attorney Whose Rates are Unaffordable

Not all events go as planned so it is always a possibility that your arrangement for a no fault divorce, can change. For that reason, it is in your best interest to select an attorney whose rates are affordable for your budget. Make sure to consider all scenarios so that if your case ends up in court, you have the funds to pay for lawyer fees throughout the entirety of your case. This will assist you in avoiding the hassle associated with replacing your attorney in mid case and any legal debt acquired once your divorce is settled.

4. Revealing Unappealing Conduct

Couples that don’t always play nice can find delight in divulging their own bad behavior in a last ditch effort to cause the other pain. If you are tempted to divulge information about past affairs, irresponsible spending sprees or anything else your spouse may be unaware of, don’t misstep and air your dirty laundry prior to the divorce. This type of behavior can single handedly turn your civilized PA no fault divorce into a much more complicated fault divorce where you provide evidence for the judge to consider when ruling on specifics such as alimony, child support, custody arrangements, and the division of assets.

5. Carrying on a New Relationship During Divorce

Even though you may tempted to start fresh with someone new, it is best that you keep it private until after your divorce is settled. Taking on a new relationship during the midst of your divorce is similar to having a drink during alcohol treatment: it makes an already grueling state of affairs worse. It may be a challenge, but remaining civil is the best approach for making certain your situations doesn’t turn into a costly fault divorce. As a result, it is in your best interest to avoid jeopardizing your chances of a PA no fault divorce.

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