Mistakes New Realtors Make When Starting Out In Real Estate Market

Each and every year there are many new Realtors enter in the business and many of them leave. Nobody said managing a business was going to be simple, however some new Agents have never really thought enough about what they are really stepping into. It’s a lot of efforts making it as a Real Estate Agent nowadays. 80% of new Real estate agents exit this business in the first 24 months.

So let’s have a look at the most typical mistakes made by new real estate agents.

Agents who rely on their Broker’s web-site for publicity.
Numerous real estate Brokers own a web site that also includes all their Sales Associates and the houses the Associates have listed for sale. Real estate agents that are in it to win it must take another step and have their personal website to additionally present their property listings. Websites can be extremely affordable and buying domains for a website is equally inexpensive. Serious buyers usually browse the net for many hours on end checking out properties for sale. With your own online presence you have enhanced internet exposure by 100%.

Overpricing Property listings.
Real estate agents that take high-priced listings usually do not win over time. Property listings are inventory and in any company, long-term inventory is not really effective or profitable. Whenever a Real estate agent is known as the agent in town that takes over priced listings, it’s like giving the home buyers that look at the home listings permission to not even consider a full price offer. Agents, do not put sellers or your standing in danger – price correctly or pass on the listing.

Without having a home inspection.
Holding a transaction together in the market today is a challenge. To better service your customer, be visible at the home inspection, appraisal, termite inspection, and oil tank inspection.

Share too much information regarding the seller’s situation.
It’s no one’s business if the homeseller is getting a divorce or having financial issues. The seller’s agent has a fiduciary duty to work for the seller only. If he or she gives unneeded details to a buyer or a buyer’s agent, it will place the seller at a downside to negotiating.

Fail to take photographs.
The majority of home buyers are interested in a property due to photos and video tour. If the listing agent isn’t going to include photos, it will make the property less marketable to a huge amount of buyers.

Without having a fantastic Listing Demonstration
Numerous new Agents go on appointments entirely unprepared. They think that they can go in their and just wing it. Well if they’re competing for the business it’s unlikely for them to get the listing when they are up against someone who has a full on listing presentation already prepared and practiced.

Not Connecting
No doubt technology is a must have in today’s world of business and real estate is not any exception. Of course you know you have to have your name out there via marketing, and of course if you are not prospecting, you aren’t generating leads.

Bad Mouthing Your Competitors
Trash talk never reflects positively on the person spewing the trash. It always looks petty, and instead of hurting your competitor it only makes a potential client weary of you and the industry as a whole. Give attention to what you can do for your clients, that is what you want them to remember.

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Real Estate Negotiation: Best Strategies

An important part of our job as Realtors is to help our clients negotiate for the best deal on a house. Your confidence and professionalism in this area will make your service memorable to your clients. Here are some strategies to help you guide your clients through the negotiation process.

1. Constantly re-establish trust.
Establishing trust between the parties is the most important strategy in any negotiation. Buyers and sellers know that the other party has interests that are in conflict with theirs. They begin with a certain amount of wariness of each other. It is valuable to establish rapport quickly. Show them that you and your clients will be reasonable to work with. Here are some ways for your clients to establish common ground:

Communicate that they have a common hobby, the same type of job, moved here from the same area, went to the same college, have similar children’s needs, or other relatedness.

Present evidence that your clients are qualified to buy the property.

If your buyer works for a well-known company, this may increase the seller’s trust.

Never delay your counteroffers. Show respect for the seller’s time.

Communicate that the buyer appreciates the home.

Begin the negotiation by establishing rapport. Then continue to reinforce it throughout the closing process. I have noticed that buyers are often reluctant to show that they like the house. They believe that an aura of disinterest will help their negotiation. I recall a transaction in which the buyers met the seller, and expressed how much they liked the house. During the negotiation the seller had multiple offers to choose from. Their offer was selected. The buyers’ encounter with the seller, and openness about how they felt, gave them an edge. Also, they were real people to the seller, while the other offers were just paper. The seller trusted them to close the deal.

2. Don’t get negative feelings involved.
While trust is the single most important factor in a negotiation, ego is the most destructive. Many times I have seen buyers include notes with their offers. They point out faults and deficiencies, and explain why the home is not worth the price. I guarantee that these buyers paid a premium. The point is, never run down the sellers’ home. This will bring their feelings to the table. And negative feelings are an unnecessary hurdle to have to overcome. If you have the opportunity, compliment the sellers’ house, decorating and gardens. Don’t forget that their children are always above average, and their pets are practically human. During the negotiation, anchor your offer price to market data.

3. Play on the Same Team.
It is important that you stay on the same team as your clients. A united front is a strong negotiating position. This may not be the way things really are. The wife may love the house, but the husband wants to negotiate the price. You may not approve of some of the terms of the offer. If you reveal a break in your ranks, the sellers will consider your position weaker.

4. Keep a Grain of Salt.
A healthy skepticism is a good thing in negotiation. Not everything you are told is true. How many times have you heard that the contract has to be in this quarter, or the price is going up? Does the 1% bonus for contract this week mean that you have to rush your offer in? Is the price really firm? Proposals such as these show you what is important to the seller. The seller may want close quickly and for full price, but, on the other hand, the seller may want to close, period. I can think of many times when I thought the buyer’s offer would never work, and yet, they got their terms.

5. Understand Special Needs.
A big part of negotiation is subtle. Little things make a big difference. Sometimes good deals go off track because of a difference in the style or personality of the parties. A misperception of the required tone can lead to a decline in trust. Some examples:

Slower Pace – The sellers were a couple in their 90’s. Since they did not leave the house, the buyers met them several times. The buyers took extra time to sit down and talk, and formed a strong bond.

Holy Ground – The sellers had a small grave for their dog on the property, which they were very sensitive about. The buyers realized this, and sent word that they would leave it in place.

For the Birds – The sellers had numerous bird feeders on the property. The buyers keyed in on this, and offered to continue feeding the birds.

Get a Grip – The sellers’ agent tended to give wrong information, did not handle details well, and was untrustworthy. In order to preserve the buyer’s trust, it was necessary to double check everything, handle paperwork, and watch deadlines.

6. Keep private things private.
Buyers may have some issues that should be kept private. They may have just sold their house, and need to act fast. They may need to start kids in school. They may be in the middle of a divorce. They may have an interest rate that is about to expire. Not one of these pieces of information will get them a better deal on a house. In fact, they all indicate that they are under pressure. Your buyers should be perceived as folks who are well qualified, who truly appreciate this home, and who can be trusted to close.

7. Get good information.
Here are some questions to ask before you and your clients compose an offer:

How is the market in general? How are other actives and recent sales priced?

How long has the home been on the market? Have there been price changes?

Did the house sell recently? What was the price?

Is there a time deadline that must be met? Would a pre or post lease be desirable?

What is the appraisal district value? The taxes? The HOA dues?

Is a disclosure available? A property inspection? A survey?

Are there any offers expected, or on the table now?

Price is just one consideration in the negotiation for a home. Other terms, such as financing, close date, repairs, or possession date may be just as important. Negotiating for a house requires skill in giving and taking information, and in communicating to the seller that your clients are the best buyers for their property.

Roselind Hejl is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker United in Austin, Texas. Her website – http://www.weloveaustin.com – offers homes for sale, market trends, buyer and seller guides. Austin Texas Real Estate Guide

Commercial Real Estate Development in South India

AMR Group is a fast growing business conglomerate with focus on business in core sectors such as Mining, Constructions, Infrastructure and Energy. Our Special Economic Zone in Tuticorin help you manage change, innovate and compete effectively in the ever changing world.
The magnificent township wraps almost 2500 acres of which 1700 acres will be work zone which will have all business and industrial units. With work life balance and walk to work concept in mind we have spared the remaining 800 acres as non-processing zone and are meant for residential purpose.
Real estate companies in India and synonymous with building homes and thereby creating wealth for its customers. A rapidly developing metropolis has its own share of demands when it comes to residences. These demands are best answered in the form of homes which are refreshingly different and also herald the onset of a different lifestyle. The creation of such homes in the form of exemplary villas that promise privacy, luxury and identity. Lifestyle alternative amidst sylvan surroundings.
Some kinds of real estate businesses include:
* Appraisal: Professional valuation services
* Brokerages: A mediator who charges a fee to facilitate a real estate transaction between the two parties.
* Development: Improving land for use by adding or replacing buildings
* Net leasing:
* Property management: Managing a property for its owner(s)
* Real estate marketing: Managing the sales side of the property business
* Real estate investing: Managing the investment of real estate
* Relocation services: Relocating people or business to a different country
* Corporate real estate: Managing the real estate held by a corporation to support its core business–unlike managing the real estate held by an investor to generate income
The legal arrangement for the right to occupy a dwelling in some countries is known as the Housing tenure. Types of housing tenure include owner occupancy, Tenancy, housing cooperative, condominiums (individually parceled properties in a single building), public housing, squatting, and co-housing.
Real estate development is different from construction, although many developers also construct. Developers buy land, finance real estate deals, build or have builders build projects, create, imagine, control and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end. Developers usually take the greatest risk in the creation or renovation of real estate and receive the greatest rewards.
Typically, developers purchase a tract of land, determine the marketing of the property, develop the building program and design, obtain the necessary public approval and financing, build the structure, and lease, manage, and ultimately sell it. Developers work with many different counterparts along each step of this process, including architects, city planners, engineers, surveyors, inspectors, contractors, leasing agents and more.
Purchasing unused land for a potential development is sometimes called speculative development. Subdivision of land is the principal mechanism by which communities are developed. Technically, subdivision describes the legal and physical steps a developer must take to convert raw land into developed land. Subdivision is a vital part of a community’s growth, determining its appearance, the mix of its land uses, and its infrastructure, including roads, drainage systems, water, sewerage, and public utilities.
A real estate appraisal is needed to determine the estimated market value of a house, condominium, commercial property, vacant land, etc. It is used to assist someone in making a decision. They may be considering purchasing, selling, insuring, or lending money on a house, condo, commercial property, or vacant lot. Appraisals are also used for tax purposes to estimate how much money a property owner has to pay in taxes.
Here’s a summary of some of the services a professional real estate appraiser can provide depending upon their qualifications:
* Residential and Commercial valuation estimates
* Estate planning and estate settlements
* Tax assessment review and advice
* Advice in eminent domain and condemnation property transactions
* Dispute resolution – including divorce, estate settlements, property partition suits, foreclosures, and zoning issues
* Feasibility studies
* Expert witness testimony
* Market rent and trend studies
* Cost/benefit or investment analysis, for example, what will be the financial return of remodeling a house, condo, or commercial property
* Land utilization studies
* Supply and demand studies

AMRL Special Economic Zone – Gateway to a world class facility.A Business Location Built to world class standards to drive your business to great heights.AMR Group is a highly progressive and well placed infrastructure development company, operating all over India. The SEZ in India , lifeline of AMRL is its comprehensive road network system that ensures smooth flow of traffic and end to end coverage throughout the SEZ.

Real Estate: Little Known Solutions For Avoiding Low Appraisals

In real estate markets where the inventory of unsold homes is escalating a common problem occurs. That is sometimes when a deal is struck it can be put at risk by a low appraisal. Meaning that unless the seller lowers their price or the buyer puts more down the sale can be scuttled. What can be done to avoid such a headache? Let’s find out.

Basically appraisals are built from what comparable properties (comps) sold for. Various factors are taken into consideration. Facts about the house to the type of sale was recorded as these can all affect valuation.

Back before the housing bubble burst it was thought pressure was applied to appraisers to “hit the number”. Or come up with an appraisal that justified the selling price and made the deal work. As a result the rules were changed and the appraisers are no longer selected by the broker or lending institution so as to avoid any undue influence on the valuation.

So one reason an appraisal might now come in low is the appraiser doesn’t know the neighborhood.

Another cause of low appraisals is that in a slow real estate market there are fewer comps to compare to which makes it hard to find suitable comps.

Mistakes happen. Which would be the third reason for a low appraisal. In the rush to get the appraisal done, the person may miss something about your house or simply select the wrong comps.

Then what to do to avoid such a predicament? You want to make it easy to come up with a fair valuation. Even if this is a subjective option with nothing to insure it’s 100% accurate. You still want to set the table so the value is the best it can be. Here’s how.

For starters identify appropriate comps yourself. Then try to learn the story behind any that sold for a price lower than they should have. Things like divorce, deferred maintenance, or a short sale perhaps. Make the appraiser aware of these. At the least they may use these as a starting point.

Curb appeal counts with an open house and can influence the appraisal too. Maybe not a lot but any little bit can’t hurt. So have your house prepped as you did during any open house your Realtor held.

What makes your house special? Spell that out to the appraiser to insure these features are taken into consideration. That would be things like upgrades you did or renovations made during the time you owned the house. This action will be appreciated because the appraiser is working under a deadline and this will save them time.

Don’t be afraid to ask to go over the final report looking for material facts in error. It happens. Square footage is wrong. Lot sizes are put down as smaller than they are. The number of bathrooms could be noted incorrectly. Any thing like this may affect the value and indicate another effort is called for.

A faltering market lends itself to problems like low appraisals. Not that you need anything else working against selling your home. But it’s wise to do what you can to head this problem off – before it strikes. Yes real estate appraisals are somewhat subjective. Yes they involve judgements. But you can do things to make sure any appraisal done reflects a fair valuation of your property.

Low appraisals aside, should you even be in the market for Las Vegas Nevada real estate or is being a renter better? Would one of the Las Vegas new homes be best or should you look at an REO? Or would a short sale would net you the best deal? Leading Vegas website TakeMeHomeToVegas.com can help you sort all that out.

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Texas Real Estate Appraisal Courses Offer a Stable Future

Rumors are circling that jobs in the real estate market aren’t stable, but the opposite is actually true. Real estate appraisers and assessors will always be needed, because their place in the real estate market makes them irreplaceable. Appraisers estimate the value of property for a variety of purposes: to assess property tax, to confirm adequate collateral for mortgages, to confirm or help set a good sales price, to settle an estate, or to aid in a divorce settlement. This is something even the weakest real estate market cannot do without.

Not only is the employment of appraisers secure, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for appraisers and assessors of real estate is expected to grow at an electric rate. Job opportunities will be more than favorable for appraisers who meet licensing qualifications and have the right experience.

Employment of appraisers and assessors of real estate is expected to grow by 17 percent over the 2006-16 decade, which is faster than the average for all other occupations. More appraisers will be hired to help with litigation claims, probate cases, foreclosures, business valuations, and divorce settlements. With this additional growth in real estate activity, the employment of appraisers will steadily grow. Employment of assessors will also increase with the amounts of real property to be assessed in coming years. Independent fee appraisers will see the strongest growth because banks and other financial institutions are increasingly contracting work out to make loan appraisals on a case-by-case basis.

For more than 60 years Texas has required a license to appraise real property for a fee, or be otherwise exempted by law. The authorized Appraiser Trainee classification is a way to legally appraise real property and gain the necessary appraisal experience to later become certified or licensed. Unlicensed real estate appraising is a Class B Misdemeanor.

Appraisers and assessors must possess good analytical skills, mathematical skills, and the ability to pay attention to detail. Homeowners need educated people with working, overall and specific district knowledge of the appraisal process. They need an experienced real estate appraiser with knowledge from an in-depth Texas real estate appraisal course.

The requirements to become a fully qualified appraiser or assessor are complex and vary by state. Sometimes it can also vary by the value or type of property. Prospective appraisers and assessors can gain in-depth knowledge about specific requirements from their Texas real estate appraisal course. For information about a Texas real estate appraiser license, you should contact an knowledgeable company with years of understanding every district in the state, like the Austin Institute of Real Estate.

The Austin Institute of Real Estate offers the Texas real estate appraisal courses you need to get a Texas real estate appraiser license. The Austin Institute has more than 20 years experience in training real estate professionals. The Austin Institute of Real Estate is more than just a licensing school, it is the Business School for Real Estate Professionals. For two decades the Institute has helped students develop into real estate professionals. For more information about Texas real estate appraisal courses call (512) 453-0900, or visit the institute online at www.austininstitute.com.

Brigette Botkin.

Want to take Texas real estate appraisal course ? Then consider The Austin Institute of Real Estate’s online correspondence courses.

Seeing The Real Costs Of Divorce

The high cost of divorce, financially, or emotionally, needs to be considered whenever a marriage is in trouble. One of the most common reasons for considering a divorce is that the marriage has been hurt by an affair, but it needs to be stated that affair recovery is possible.

A marriage is a bit like a corporation and taking it apart is complicated in many ways just as dismantling a business would be but with powerful feelings involved as well. Sometimes a financial appraisal is just as much in order as an emotional one when considering a divorce. If only one partner was a wage earner or if one has made much more than the other, the financial change can be devastating.

A divorce would mean maintaining separate households, and that is almost always more expensive than one shared residence. If children are involved, not only does this make housing more complicated (and costly) but there is the financial and emotional cost shuffling the children between parents.

Many aspects of the high cost of divorce, financially, or emotionally, may not come to the surface until a true assessment is made of many things. Child custody can be a very rocky emotional issue and child support for the parents can be a financial nightmare as well.

Even if you don’t have kids, it can be difficult to divide the property and items acquired as a couple. Besides practical reasons for needing a particular item, there are also things that one of you might have sentimental attachments to. You might have to sell your formally shared home to fairly divide it, with not only the high cost of moving but the loss of a place where so many good family memories have occurred.

Money may be the reason for the split in the first place and seeing a financial counselor may be required to settle such issues as dividing debts. This type of help can even lead to saving the marriage where money is the big issue of dissent.

If an affair is the cause of the split, you might be able to save the marriage with professional help. The clergy will often help at not expense, but there are also family services that charge on a sliding scale and private marriage counselors. Most importantly find someone who has experience with infidelity. Sometimes inexperienced or amateur counsel from friends and family can do far more harm than good.

If you are the betrayed party, it is normal to be hurt by the affair. Don’t forget though, the same vows that pledged you both to fidelity also pledge you to sticking together in both good and bad times. It might help to take time to understand the \”whys\” of the affair. Remember, the cheater is a human being who makes mistakes (like we all do).

Don’t forget that along with all of the other losses and costs of a divorce, there is also the loss of the identity of being a couple. Divorce will change the whole social dynamic with friends and in activities. Even if you both want the divorce, loneliness is common and it is far too easy to impulsively drift into another relationship too soon. Remember the good times and put the current problems in perspective.

Divorce is expensive both financially and emotionally and in many cases can be avoided with the right help and the dedication to try to save the relationship. If divorce is inevitable, help from outside by experts may ease some of the financial and emotional pain. Being honest about the costs makes the decision clearer for both of you.

Infidelity creates a pain like no other. At the Affair Recovery Center we know from experience. We can help you cope with infidelity. Don’t suffer another day. Start healing from infidelity right now.

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Atlanta Moving – Selecting Your Real Estate Appraiser

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a real estate property for personal use or as an investment, you will have to hire the services of a real estate investor. If you play to finance your home by means of a bank or other lender, you’ll most likely have to get the property appraised first. Banks and most lenders want to know the value of the home for your protection, and also ensure that the home they’re financing is really worth the total amount that you take on the loan.

In many instances, the appraisal shows that the home does indeed meet or exceed the asking price. In some cases on the other hand, the appraisal will come back saying that the home is worth less than the selling price. If this is the situation, the buyer normally needs to either drop the deal or attempt to negotiate with the seller to get a price which meets the appraisal.

For those very reasons, a real estate appraiser is very important. When you are dealing with a home, one appraisal can make a deal or break it. Even though you may well not be financing your purchase by means of a lender or the bank, you should still try and get the home appraised and find out the true value. You must also make sure to get the best appraiser which you can afford. If you hire an appraiser who isn’t that experienced, you will pay for it later on when you discover that the property is not worth what you paid for it.

A real estate appraiser will look at the home carrying out an evaluation, after which give you a written evaluation after he has gathered all necessary information. Appraisers will also take into consideration the replacement costs also. Also, they’ll have to very land descriptions too. There is a lot of work involved with appraisals, which is why it’s so very crucial that each step of the process is carried out correctly by a qualified real estate appraiser.

If you have a real estate agent, he or she will more than likely be able to make a recommendation. Keep in mind that this does not mean the recommendation is the best; it is just someone who your agent works with. To ensure that you get the right appraisal on your home, you’ll need to find yourself an appraiser who’s capable of completing the job.

When you search for your real estate appraiser, you should look for someone who comes highly recommended. You can ask friends and family for their opinions, or search local papers, even the Internet. If you spend some time and look for the best real estate appraiser which you can find – you’ll normally get an appraisal that is right on target.

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Choosing Your Real Estate Appraiser

If you envision buying a home, either for personal use or as a form of investment, you are much better off if you hire a real estate investor. If you play to finance your home through a bank or other lender, you’ll more than likely need to get the property appraised first. Lenders rely on the appraisal report to protect your purchase, and also to make sure the property is worth being financed.

The appraisal report confirms of denies if the value of the home meets or exceeds the asking price. In some cases, the report shows that the room is worth less than the price being asked for it. When this happens, the buyer has two choices – dropping the deal altogether, or wheeling and dealing with the seller to get a lower asking price.

Since this is so important in your home buying journey, finding the right real estate appraiser if imperative. When you are dealing with a home, one appraisal can make a deal or break it. if, instead, you are not financing the home through a lender, you are still better off if you get the home appraised. You definitely need to do your homework to find the perfect appraiser for your needs. If you hire an appraiser who isn’t that experienced, you’ll pay for it later when you discover that the property isn’t worth what you paid for it.

A real estate appraiser will tour the house first, and then will determine the value and will prepare a report also based on other factors. Replacement costs are also considered. The appraiser must also verify all land descriptions. There is a lot involved in appraising a property, and the work should definitely be done by a qualified appraiser.

If you have a real estate agent, he or she will more than likely be able to make a recommendation. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean the recommendation is the best; it’s just someone who your agent works with. Take your time and find an appraiser that can work to meet your needs and can get the job done.

If you are looking for an appraiser, this is the right time to rely on high recommendations. Check around with family and friends, and don’t miss also checking out online and in papers. Finding a reputable, experienced appraiser will allow you the luxury of having a property appraisal as close to reality as possible.

Our litters of English bulldogs for sale are wrinkly with a massive nose rope and overdone. Add one to your family!

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Choosing Your Malibu, CA Real Estate Appraiser

If you have been thinking about purchasing a Malibu, CA real estate property for personal use or as an investment, you will need to hire the services of a real estate investor.

If you plan to finance your Malibu, CA real estate property through a bank or other lender, you’ll more than likely need to get the property appraised first. Banks and most lenders want to know the value of the home for your protection, as well as make sure that the home they are financing is worth the total amount that you take on the loan.

In most cases, the appraisal indicates that the home does indeed meet or exceed the asking price. In some cases however, the appraisal will come back saying that the home is worth less than the selling price. If this is the case, the buyer normally has to either drop the deal or try to negotiate with the seller to get a price that meets the appraisal.

For those very reasons, a real estate appraiser is very important. When you are dealing with a home, one appraisal can make a deal or break it. Even though you may not be financing your purchase through a lender or the bank, you should still make an effort to get the home appraised and find out the true value.

You should also make a point to find the best appraiser that you can afford. If you hire an appraiser who is not that experienced, you will pay for it later when you discover that the property is not worth what you paid for it.

A real estate appraiser will go through the Malibu, CA real estate property, performing a visual evaluation, and will then provide you with a written evaluation after he has gathered all necessary information.

Appraisers will also taken into consideration the replacement costs as well. Also, they will have to very land descriptions as well. There is a lot of work involved with appraisals, which is why it is so very important that each step of the process is performed correctly by a qualified real estate appraiser.

If you have a real estate agent, he or she will more than likely be able to make a recommendation. Keep in mind that this does not mean the recommendation is the best; it is just someone who your agent works with. To ensure that you get the right appraisal on your home you will need to find yourself an appraiser who is capable of completing the job.

When you look for your real estate appraiser, you should look for someone who comes highly recommended. You can ask family and friends for their opinions, or search local papers, even the Internet. If you take your time and search for the best real estate appraiser that you can find, you’ll normally get an appraisal that is right on target.

Visit our site for information about , Malibu real estate and more information about the Malibu area in general.

Best Areas for Commercial Real Estate in St Petersburg, Florida

Looking to move your business to St. Petersburg? St. Petersburg, Florida is a charming coastal community with a quieter, more family-oriented atmosphere than Tampa, its more well-known neighbor to the Northeast.

Reasons to consider moving your business here include an opportunity to reach more families, to be closer to the beaches, to reach older residents, to be immersed in a more carefree, peaceful setting, and to tap into the area’s rich tourism, which lends itself nicely to restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls, and more.

With the aforementioned criteria, here are some of the best areas to plant your business’ roots:

1) Downtown St. Petersburg – A vibrant community of boutique shops, concert venues, independently-owned bars and restaurants, hotels, and a gorgeous waterfront, downtown St. Petersburg may cost a pretty penny when it comes to purchasing or renting retail space, but it’s worth it if you’re looking to attract the casual passer-by and walk-in customers. It also makes sense when it comes to convenience. There are a lot of law offices and other businesses down there. It does feature a new grocery store, two nearby hospitals, and the ever-growing University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus. Commercial enterprise and residential living are both thriving.

2) Gateway – The Gateway area is quickly growing into a bustling residential community. If you’re relying on high-traffic business for a restaurant or bar, this may not be the best option, depending on where exactly you are. This area is mostly residential, featuring new, trendy condominiums and apartments, so catering to the needs of the residents in the community is a must. A nice compromise may be on 4th street North, on the outskirts of the gateway area. If you’re looking to build, this area has a LOT of untapped potential and is projected to thrive in the upcoming years. It also is the closest area to the Howard Frankland Bridge, meaning accessibility is a plus.

3) Tyrone – The Tyrone area, in Northwest St. Petersburg, provides a unique mix of suburban life with commercial businesses. You’ll find a number of reasonably-priced homes in safe neighborhoods with many schools, doctors’ offices, grocery stories, three recreation centers, churches, restaurants, a large shopping mall, a Walmart, Target, and more. It offers just about everything you need within close proximity.

4) Grand Central/Historic Kenwood – This arts and entertainment district is approximately 2 miles from the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront and is located along Central Avenue. It is adjacent to Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays, as well as numerous other sporting events including the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl, Under Armour High School All-America game, and the East-West Shrine Game. This area gains its appeal from being centrally located in between several neighborhoods. It’s ethnically diverse and in recent years has seen a boom in retail, condominiums/apartments, and restaurants.

Are you looking for a St Petersburg Commercial Real Estate Broker? Gulf Coast Commercial offers Tampa Commercial Property Management and helps clients find

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Madeira Beach
Palma Ceia
Palma Sola
Pass A Grille Beach
Pinellas Park
Redington Beach
Redington Shores
Saint Pete Beach
Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg Beach
South Pasadena
Terra Ceia
Terra Ceia Island
Tierra Verde
Treasure Island


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