Five Things to Avoid During a PA No Fault Divorce

If headed for a PA no fault divorce where neither spouse blames the other for a specific occurrence that led to the divorce, it is vital to ensure it remains that way. No fault divorces tend to have several benefits because not only do they cost much less than a fault divorce, but they generally carry along less resentment. To guarantee your no fault divorce remains drama free, try to avoid things that could impair communication with your spouse, damage agreements for a fair settlement, and that abandon precautions that may assist you if your situation were to take a turn towards fault divorce. Within this article, are five suggestions that could cause your no fault divorce to take a turn for the worse.

1. Neglecting to Have Business Assets Valuated

Even if your lawyer or mediator assists in helping you and your spouse reach an agreement regarding asset distribution, they don’t actually assist with evaluating the market value of business assets. Consequently if you neglect to have your business assets valuated by a business valuator whose expertise is in gauging the fair market value of businesses and their assets, you could receive a lesser amount of asset value than you are entitled to. This stresses the importance of have business assets that are intertwined with marital assets valuated.

2. Hiring A Lawyer that Doesn’t Specialize in Divorce

It may be comforting to let an attorney friend or family member that doesn’t specialize in divorce handle your divorce case, getting the best results usually requires hiring a divorce attorney. Retaining an attorney who isn’t familiar with the legal landscape of divorce could have serious consequences, especially if your spouse has a seasoned divorce attorney.

3. Hiring an Attorney Whose Rates are Unaffordable

Not all events go as planned so it is always a possibility that your arrangement for a no fault divorce, can change. For that reason, it is in your best interest to select an attorney whose rates are affordable for your budget. Make sure to consider all scenarios so that if your case ends up in court, you have the funds to pay for lawyer fees throughout the entirety of your case. This will assist you in avoiding the hassle associated with replacing your attorney in mid case and any legal debt acquired once your divorce is settled.

4. Revealing Unappealing Conduct

Couples that don’t always play nice can find delight in divulging their own bad behavior in a last ditch effort to cause the other pain. If you are tempted to divulge information about past affairs, irresponsible spending sprees or anything else your spouse may be unaware of, don’t misstep and air your dirty laundry prior to the divorce. This type of behavior can single handedly turn your civilized PA no fault divorce into a much more complicated fault divorce where you provide evidence for the judge to consider when ruling on specifics such as alimony, child support, custody arrangements, and the division of assets.

5. Carrying on a New Relationship During Divorce

Even though you may tempted to start fresh with someone new, it is best that you keep it private until after your divorce is settled. Taking on a new relationship during the midst of your divorce is similar to having a drink during alcohol treatment: it makes an already grueling state of affairs worse. It may be a challenge, but remaining civil is the best approach for making certain your situations doesn’t turn into a costly fault divorce. As a result, it is in your best interest to avoid jeopardizing your chances of a PA no fault divorce.

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Preparing For A Divorce – Things To Consider In Getting A Divorce

Divorce is can be difficult and devastating and the process can be long and filled with tension, thus you need to prepare for it to lighten the burden. Preparing for a divorce may start from the paperwork to planning for the future of your kids and these are very important in dealing with divorce.

– Check your finances. Ask for a copy of your credit report and try to fix bad credit as soon as possible. Pay delinquent credits to increase your chances to get good loans after the divorce. Make sure you establish your finances and that you can still be financially independent after the separation. Do not just depend on the alimony and the share of properties you get after the divorce. Of course, you do not want to spend your life paying tax liens and struggling to get a loan after the divorce, so consider everything in preparing for a divorce.

– Plan your career. Make sure that you can still be financially independent after the divorce, so if you think you need to make a career change you can also consider it even before even asking to get a divorce. If you are unemployed, you may want to consider looking for a job to help you move on after the divorce.

– Make a list or document your properties and all the marital assets. This will help you later when the divorce process will move forward. Especially if the marriage is abusive and there are issues on finances, it will help a lot to have the necessary documents and papers to protect your assets. Gathering of documents and all the paperwork needed for the process is important. Most often, this would involve account numbers, bank records, loans, credit card reports, titles, mortgages and many other information especially concerning with your finances.

– Plan for your children. If you have children, they should be at the top of your list when planning for the divorce. It should start from how to tell them about the separation. Make them understand why it has to end that way. Also consider not only the support to their education and child care, but also help them get through the psychological and emotional impact of the divorce. Indeed, preparing for a divorce is not just about you and your spouse but most of all, it should also be preparing the kids to live through life with separated parents. Prepare yourself as well on how to take care of your children after the separation.

– Decide whether to hire a lawyer. Some may directly consider hiring a lawyer to get guide them through the divorce process. However if both you and your spouse still communicate fairly well with each other, you may also consider mediation to get away with the hassles of the legal process. Take into consideration also of the cost of getting a lawyer and other experts on divorce.

– Take care of yourself. The rollercoaster of emotions involved in divorce can be devastating but do not let it take all your energy in living. Exercise, eat healthy and take time to enjoy a hobby or an interest. Redefine your goals. This will help you get out of depression and help you move on easier after the separation. Preparing for a divorce is not just preparing to win the divorce but also for your life after the separation.

Carolyn Anderson wants to share great resources on marriage and relationships. For men to prepare for divorce, check out men’s guide to divorce. Also check out Custody Center Strategies, a guide to end child custody dispute.

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Things You Should Know When Filing for Divorce

If this is your first time filing for divorce, you likely have many questions regarding how the divorce process works and how to go about it. This information will help get you started:

How do I file for divorce? Divorce falls to the courts in the particular jurisdiction you live in. The easiest way to get started is just to search the internet using keywords like “forms to file for divorce in Denver, Colorado,” or wherever you live. Once you complete the forms they will need to be filed with the agency listed, and a copy served to the other party. This initiates the process of divorce.

Do you qualify for a simple divorce? In some cases it may be possible to do a “simple” or summary divorce, which can be done out of court and without lawyers. This only requires court filing fees, typically around $ 150 to $ 300. However, most married people will not qualify for a summary divorce. If the divorce is contested, or if you have any children, or if either spouse has combined assets exceeding $ 25,000 in most cases, you will need to go the more traditional route.

What’s the best divorce option? If a simple divorce is out of the question, your remaining options are to divorce through mediation, arbitration, or traditional divorce court. Each type gets more expensive and more complicated in the order listed, and which route you end up taking largely depends on the degree of conflict and/or cooperation between you and your former spouse. Meditation is the cheapest (anywhere from $ 2,000 to $ 7,000) and involves working out the details of divorce through a trained divorce mediator. Next up is arbitration, which involves lawyers arguing the details of your case but still aims to produce a settlement out-of-court. Finally you could take your case to court, which is often the most expensive and drawn-out process.

How long does it take? How long the process takes will depend upon which type of divorce you end up utilizing. A summary divorce can happen immediately, just as soon as you get the paperwork turned in. Mediation is a process that usually takes a couple of months (depending on your mediator’s schedule and how many sticking points there are between you and the other party), then another three to twelve weeks for you settlement to be processed and the divorce finalized. Arbitration is typically a longer process, largely because it involves coordinating lawyers’ schedules. You should allow for 6 months or more. Taking your divorce to court is the most time intensive option, and depends largely on how full the court’s docket is. Most family courts are understaffed and under-funded, and it may be a year or more before they hear your case. The proceedings typically last no more than a day or two, a few at the most, and the judge issues his ruling by mail several weeks later, finalizing the divorce.

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Four Things You Should Know When Considering a Divorce

If your marriage is on the rocks, you may be considering divorce. But there are a few things every person should consider before taking that next step:

1. Is divorce the best option?
Many people divorce out of anger or frustration. Either something happens to strain the marriage, or arguments slowly build until they become overwhelming. Frustrated and unhappy, their gut reaction is to end the marriage. Divorce is seen as an escape, when spouses really should ask themselves whether it’s a FIX for the problems they are experiencing. Many people divorce and enter new relationships only to discover that the incompatibility was not with their first spouse, but with the patterns they bring into their relationships.

2. Should this problem end the marriage?
A second problem is that people inflate the significance of certain events and throw away an otherwise decent marriage that could be salvaged. Infidelity is the perfect example of this. Many people treat infidelity as an automatic ticket to divorce court. Yet the reality is that infidelity is quite common and occurs just as often in happy marriages as it does in those that are deteriorating. Spouses shouldn’t make their decision on the basis of past events or indiscretions, but whether there is love and care towards one another going forward.

3. Will divorce solve more problems that it created?
People commonly divorce over issues that won’t be helped by a divorce. For example, money problems, parenting issues, and problems with in-laws or work and family life are commonly cited as primary reasons for a divorce. But many issues are likely to get worse, not better, with a divorce. Especially when you have kids, divorce does not end your relationship with your spouse, it merely changes it. Are disputes over parenting an issue now? You can multiply this ten-fold once each of you go your own separate ways and are trying to parent across two households. Money a problem? Each of you will instantly become poorer once the divorce papers are signed and you’re no longer able to pool resources. In-laws a pain? They’ll still be there after divorce, possibly louder and more obnoxious than ever.

4. What about the kids?
If there are children involved, you should think long and hard about the decision to divorce and exhaust all other options first. Divorce is hard on children. While the damage it does is routinely downplayed by the public or altogether ignored, the reality is that divorce can be just as harmful as any type of child abuse. Children enduring their parent’s divorce often exhibit symptoms just as severe as that seen in abused kids, and long-term negative outcomes are often worse than that for things like physical or sexual abuse. This is because divorce is more than just the initial implosion of a child’s family. It frequently creates ongoing lifestyle changes that elevate stress and cause additional turmoil for many years to come.

On a more positive note, there are ways to minimize the harm that divorce does to your children. It’s not the marriage certificate that matters, but the instability and changes in lifestyle and parenting that come with the breakdown of family. Minimize these harmful changes and you can limit the damage done and ensure your children come away from it without any permanent scars. So if a divorce is unavoidable, read up on the subject and take steps to prevent the common pitfalls that damage children.

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Getting a Divorce in New York State – 10 Things You Should Know

If you’re planning a divorce in New York State, here are the top ten things you should know.

1. New York is an equitable distribution state, meaning that all marital assets and property will be divided fairly between partners. Keep in mind that “fair” and “half” do not mean the same thing – you may receive more or less than your partner, depending on the circumstances. Divorce mediation can ensure that you receive your fair share of assets. Keep in mind that debts as well as assets will be divided.

2. While New York State has technically no longer required “fault” for divorce, the state requires that you have had your marriage broken down irretrievably for 6 months or more. All issues, such as child support and custody, spousal support/alimony, equitable distribution, and parenting plans must be resolved before the divorce can be granted. If you choose to settle things with lawyers rather than a divorce mediator you can do so, although that option is a great deal more costly and could take quite a bit longer.

3. Custody in New York State is granted based on what is best for the child – and joint custody is rarely awarded by the courts. If you want custody (in the courts), you will need to be prepared to fight for your custody rights. This “fight” can be avoided through Divorce Mediation.

4. The odds are nine to one that you won’t go to trial. Less than 10% of divorces in New York State actually go to trial. Many are settled “on the courthouse steps” so to speak, as they come very close to trial before finally settling; but very few actually do go on to trial.

5. In order to get a divorce in New York State, you must have been a resident for a minimum of a year. However if the “grounds” for the divorce occurred in the state and both spouses are residents, a divorce can be granted even if one or both have not been resident for a full year.

6. The average divorce in New York State lasts one year if contested, six months if uncontested and without assets or children involved. In a contested divorce, you can divide, or “bifurcate” the divorce so that the trial for everything that could have been settled in divorce mediation occurs separately.

7. Equitable distribution and “fault” are mutually unrelated in New York State, meaning even if you’re found to be at fault in the divorce, it won’t affect your share of the assets. The exception is when the fault is something that “shocks the conscience of the court”. This means that the fault would have to be something shocking, outrageous, or heinous, to affect the division of assets.

8. There are court fees just to get started with the summons and complaint; when you add in the mediation and litigation fees, divorce is very costly. However, representing yourself is not recommended, as it is easy to become too emotional, angry, or bitter to portray yourself in a manner that the court will approve of. In New York the fees just to begin the process total $ 210, as of February 1st, 2013. However, if you can prove financial hardship, the court may waive the fees.

9. You have to “commence the action” or file for divorce in the county in which you live. In New York State it is only permissible to file for divorce in a different county from where you live if your soon-to-be-ex does not object. However, it is still frowned upon to go “forum shopping” to try to find the best county for divorce.

10. Honesty and integrity – regardless of where you get your divorce, if you have children, you want to protect them from being hurt by the divorce as much as possible. Even if you don’t have children, you want to walk away from this divorce feeling as good about it as possible. So be honest, and keep your integrity intact – no matter how upset or angry you feel at times. It could end up costing you otherwise.

If you are considering having a divorce in the state of New York and need expert advice, please contact the Mediation Associates of NY and NJ. Jonathan Starr is a skilled divorce mediator offering solutions to all of the issues that arise during family disputes, separation, and/or dissolution of marriage in a variety of areas in New York & New Jersey. Call 877-666-9601 or visit

Top 8 Things to Do with the Family While Vacationing on Tampa Bay’s Beaches

1) Adventure Cruises – Whether you want to go snorkeling around Egmont Key or dolphin watching, adventure cruises are an affordable way to explore and enjoy the area with the whole family, plus you get to do it from a different perspective as opposed to the mainland.

2) Miniature Golfing – Another activity the entire family can enjoy, there are several miniature golf courses directly across the street from the Pinellas’ beach hotels and vacation rentals, including St. Pete Beach and Madeira Beach/Redington Shores.

3) Rays Baseball – Nothing gets more exciting than seeing one of the premier major American League baseball teams, the Tampa Bay Rays, at Tropicana Field. The Rays captured the American League pennant in 2008 and have reached the playoffs three out of the last four years. Tickets are very affordable and including family packages on Sundays, plus you can take a trolley right from the beach to downtown St. Petersburg to enjoy the games.

4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The 2002 Super Bowl Champions play at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, regarded by players and coaches as the best playing surface in the NFL, and by fans as one of the most fan-friendly. Fans can visit a real, live pirate ship at the stadium and hear canons being fired as the team reaches the endzone.

5) Busch Gardens – Also in Tampa, Busch Gardens is one of the premier amusements parks in the world. Featuring world-class roller coasters and stunning wildlife exhibits, you and the family can enjoy a day at the park learning about nature, and testing your tolerance for the coaster’s twists and turns.

6) Jetski Rentals – Another way to explore the Tampa Bay beaches is to rent a jetski. Several rental companies operate out of Treasure Island, St. Pete Beach, and John’s Pass on Madeira Beach. Life jackets and safety training are included, and if you come during early hours you can score some great early bird specials.

7) Beach Volleyball – Want some exercise? Most of the area’s beachfront hotels and rentals offer well-kept beach volleyball courts that allow you and the family to play a friendly match while soaking up the sun.

8) Tampa Bay Lightning – Sporting events rule the Tampa Bay area, and the Lightning are another attraction. Come to the St. Pete Times Forum in downtown Tampa to enjoy the Stanley Cup playoff contender. Not a hockey night? This venue also hosts arena football and is regarded as the area’s premier concert venue.

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Great Things About Receiving a List of Appraisal Management Companies

The application of list of appraisal management companies has turn into necessary to today’s appraisers. Unless you will be receiving the majority of your work through private entities such as banks, attorneys and CPAs, you will need to work with appraisal management companies.

You’ll find lots of rewards when dealing with these companies. Firstly, these companies can bring you having a large amount of work. Even though it may perhaps take some time to sign up with these companies, it’ll unquestionably be properly worth the effort. Some companies are going to be sending you with work immediately however you will need to make couple of phone calls to others hence you can jumpstart the flow of work.

Even when there are lots of speculations that exist in the market, the usage of appraisal management company will still be a lot more regulated. Though you are able to get some independent work, all appraisal work will at some point be regulated and working with these companies will be your only selection in the event you really would like to make a lot of money as an appraiser.

Using the decline in the number of appraisers, there is certainly a lot more work obtainable for fewer appraisers. Quite a few appraisers have stepped out of the business as a result of the strict guidelines in the application approach and almost all of them are not receiving many work. But with a list of these companies, you might be placed in the forefront of a workload that may keep you busy of your appraisal work. At the start of 2010, FHA has made a lot of the sale guidelines because the HVCC and orders appraisals by means of a list of AMCs. When you are preparing of obtaining any FHA work, you’ll need to enroll using a corporation.

Several appraisal management companies are now altering their guidelines by generating them better for the benefit of their appraisers. Now, these companies are offering up better spend slits and with more good turn times. They will no longer take half of your fee and won’t demand you to report within 24 hours.

If you ever conduct numerous research, you will manage to find top appraisal management companies from the list that you simply can find during your search.

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How Things Go About In A Divorce

A divorce aside from the truth that it could be emotionally draining it can and is financially consuming. With no direction of your divorce attorney, you could end up expending an excessive amount of money on a divorce proceedings. The expense of a divorce case can be both financial and emotional for some individuals.

It’s easy to loose your temper while in the middle of a divorce. Emotions fly high during a divorce, so you need to learn to control your emotions in the process. This is where a good dose of anger management comes into play. Learn to effectively control your anger and emotions during the divorce process. Statistically, divorce is a 60 billion dollar industry. Divorce these days is so common that no one bats an eye lid at it anymore. A divorce in the former days used to be shameful and totally disgraceful.

Don’t waste time worrying while in the middle of a divorce, instead, pick up a positive thought pattern and stick with it. Remember, worry never does solve anything. If you have not taken care of yourself after a divorce, you won’t be of any use to anybody. Someone who has not healed from a divorce is bound to cause others a great deal of pain. It’s advisable for you to date only when you know that you are really ready to do so.

The reasons for a divorce vary from couple to couple. Finances may be the reason behind one person’s divorce. For another person, it may simply be the lack of excitement that moves them to file for a divorce. Whatever the reason is, always ensure you seek to get divorce advice while in the process.

There are several costs attached to getting a divorce that you must know all about before you venture into one. The cost of hiring a divorce lawyer for your divorce case is optional unless you want things wrapped up quickly. Sometimes, getting a divorce entails you hiring several people to ensure that it goes on well.

Women are usually more favored in a divorce setting than men are. Women arguably, get the best part of a deal in a divorce. In some rare cases, men get custody of the kids during a custody ruling. To know what might be the case with you, seek divorce advice before, during and even after the divorce process.

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