Tips For Surviving Divorce

Divorcing spouses can suffer emotional consequences from the divorce. Divorcing parents must deal with their stress and the emotional effects of divorce on their children.

Surviving divorce involves maintaining emotional wellbeing by coping with the stress of the divorce in positive ways. Divorcing parents must also help their children deal with any emotional symptoms of divorce.

Surviving divorce can be difficult if the divorcing spouse is confused and frustrated about the process. Seeking guidance from a good divorce attorney can help put the spouses mind at ease. People going through divorce should feel comfortable asking the divorce attorney any questions about the divorce.

A professional therapist can be a huge help to families going through a divorce. Children and divorcing spouses may benefit from being able to discuss their feelings associated with the divorce. Both children and spouses can have difficulty coping with sadness, grief, and fear caused by the divorce.

Relaxation techniques are effective stress management skills that can help people survive divorce. Relaxing the muscles while lying down and listening to calming music is a simple relaxation technique that can help relieve the stress associated with divorce.

Pampering yourself can contribute to an optimistic attitude and reducing stress. Many times, people struggling with the stress of divorce may neglect their self-care. Part of surviving divorce is for the person to take care of their physical as well as emotional needs.

Divorcing parents should each spend quality time with the children. Fear, worry, and grief are some of the emotions that children can develop when their parents are going through a divorce. Children often fear losing a parent, so spending special time with both parents can help reduce these emotional effects of divorce.

A spouse who is struggling with sadness or grief may have a pessimistic attitude towards the future. Though perceived as a negative experience, many times divorce leads to some positive experiences for a spouse who decides to pursue a goal that they may not have considered otherwise. Many divorced individuals go back to school or take time to focus on personal goals.

According to the free divorce records, it seems that divorce is getting more common and couples should also look into children and divorce before they make their final decisions.

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Can You Stop the Divorce Process? 5 Tips From Joe

Sometimes in life we are headed down a certain road but then realize we need to change our mind about where we want to go. If your marriage is headed for divorce and yet you are now having second thoughts, you may suddenly feel like you are on the wrong road and want to change course fast.

This reminds me of my friend Joe – he was in the same situation. Initially, Joe had instigated the divorce process with his wife. At that time, things had not been going well in his marriage, and he was absolutely convinced that divorce as the smartest path to happiness. He called a lawyer and that was that.

Then, one day, Joe was looking at some old photos of he and his wife on a beach. They had been taken while on vacation in Maine, a far cry from their home in Southern California. The beach was romantic and mysterious, and in the evening light the couple had been taking a walk when they came upon a little restaurant near the water. They pulled up some chairs and proceeded to eat the best clam bake of their lives.

The memories came flooding back to Joe, and he wished he were back in her arms right now, there on that beach in Maine. Then he snapped back to reality. Trouble was: he was already 6 months into a marital separation and 2 months into official divorce proceedings. And his wife was living 50 miles away in a different town.

Joe immediately knew he had made the wrong decision about his divorce: he desperately wanted his wife back. No, he needed her back. So, he set out on a fact finding mission to find out what he could do.

Can you stop the divorce process? Here is a summary of what Joe found out:

1. You can’t stop a divorce if your spouse wants a divorce:

Marriage is viewed as a partnership contract. Therefore, there is no way to stop your divorce if your spouse wants a divorce.

2. Divorce is a no-fault deal:

In most states, divorce is a no-fault deal, meaning that a spouse who wants a divorce can do so without the consent of the other spouse.

3. In legal terms, every divorce has a timeline called a chronology:

Although it varies from state to state, every divorce has its own chronology of about 7 steps, including: filing of the complaint, response, document exchange, settlement, issuance of the divorce decree, trial, and possible appeal.

4. Whether you can stop the divorce depends where you are in the chronology:

Most states have waiting periods between the time of filing for a divorce and the time the divorce is finalized. If both wanted to stop the divorce, both spouses would then withdraw their divorce petition.

5. Find out whether the judgment has been granted:

If you think you can turn your marriage around, find out first whether judgment has been granted. If it has not, and if your spouse agrees, you can ask the judge to stop the divorce proceedings.

Once Joe knew the facts, he got on the proverbial war path to get his life back together. No longer apathetic about his marriage or feeling disempowered in his situation, he set out to win his wife’s love back.

Find out exactly how Joe stopped his divorce cold in its tracks:

Tips to lead a Happy Life after Marriage


Marriage brings two unknown people together and attached them with an everlasting bond. It is always said that the marriages are made in heaven! But after Marriage, life can be difficult. Most people put more effort into studying for a career than preparing for marriage life, just because we don’t know what we are in for. Here there are few tips to lead a Heavenly Life after marriage.

Tips for Happy Life:

 Respect each other views at all times. Give their space.
 Don’t argue, i.e. Leave the past behind and be in the Present.
 Be attractive to each other.
 Spend more time with your spouse and get to know what your spouse wants, believes and likes.
 Listen to each other with full attention but don’t pretend.
 Give priority to your spouse over everything else in your life.
 Say ‘I Love You’ often in different ways and make them memorable.
 Start your day with an appraisal of each other and make them to feel like your Prince/Princess with warm kiss or a hug.
 Go out often and spend time two of you alone.
 Keep conversations politely and romantically with your spouse often and especially things for the two of you to agree upon or do together.
 Cook for each other, and show that you appreciate the thoughtfulness and the food – even if you could do better, or you may end up doing all the cooking yourself.
 Don’t forget to do the little interesting things that make each of you smile and feel loved.
 Remember that ideally and spiritually both of you are like one soul and two bodies; if you hurt each other, you hurt yourselves as well.
 Be patient when your spouse in hyper and also Never ever, ever sleep in another bed or on the couch when you have a fight!
 As all know that opposite poles are attracted each other as like think your spouse is there to fulfil your weakness and vice versa.
 If you sense that something is wrong with your partner take time to embrace them and ask what the matter is?
 Try to help your partner in their work and get their appreciation also make them feeling loved.
 Surprise each other with little gifts or tokens of appreciation.
 Don’t break marital confidences or use them as a weapon during an argument.
 Finally never give up and don’t ever tolerate “divorce” as a word in your dictionary.


It is said that “Marriages are made in Heaven” not Marriage life. Life is in our hands. So we have to make the life as like heaven. Keep the above tips and lead your heavenly life happily with your Life Partner.

Happy Married Life!!!

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7 Helpful Tips When Preparing For Divorce

Draw up a budget plan for the divorce process, get a reputable attorney, crate an account of what your married life was, find people who can give you emotional support, be aware of what financial documentation you need to provide, evaluate how much financial assistance you may require, and plan for what you should do after the divorce. These steps will help you get ready for the divorce process.

To help ensure you will be fine after getting divorced and for the process of the divorce to run without problems, it is vital to be well prepared. Here are some tips you can use to help you prepare for your divorce:

Set an expense schedule for the divorce

When a divorce is decided upon, you need to do some financial planning for the costs involved. To stay financially sound, be aware of the expenses you will incur, including the lawyer, the necessary documents, and transportation, as well as other related expenses.

Look for a good lawyer

Divorce is a legal process in which a lawyer represents you in court. If you have a personal attorney who is willing to help you in the divorce process then you can choose to have him or her to represent you. In the case that you don’t, you’ll need to look for a reputable divorce attorney. An attorney who specializes in handling divorce cases will be more helpful to you because he or she is equipped with knowledge of the process, as well other preparatory and post-divorce steps to take. In order to make appointments and hearings easier to attend, choose an attorney from your own area. For instance, search for a Farmington Hills divorce attorney using the Internet or a local phone book if you are from Farmington Hills.

Write a detailed description of what your married life was like

Before the divorce process starts or even before you get a divorce attorney, write an account of your married life. Cite incidents of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse, infidelity, significant differences, and other problems that exist in your marriage. Document information of the abuse, including information such as when and where the abuse occurred and any other witnesses. Use as much details as you feel is necessary. Putting these things into writing will help you avoid forgetting things you need to relate to your lawyer, and it may help you save on the time you need to spend with your lawyer.

Get some emotional support

Divorce can be very distressing. It is important to understand how it will affect you emotionally as well as your children. To help you cope with the situation, you might consider working with a therapist or at least having a friend to talk to about your divorce throughout the entire process. You should find other people, aside from your lawyer, whom you can rely on and share your emotional problems.

Be aware of what financial documentation you need to provide

Financial matters are an essential consideration when divorcing. Find out what financial documentation are necessary to make things easier. The following are some tips you can follow:

* Make a list of all your assets and produce the necessary paperwork to show their value today, as well as any other details such as when and where the assets were bought and the source of the money used to pay for them.

* Procure a copy of your credit report that reflects all possible debts, whether under your name or your spouse’s name. This will prove to be useful when assigning financial obligations and dividing debt after the divorce.

* Obtain copies of you and your spouse’s income statements. The court requires these documents, so be sure to keep record of income tax returns and either a pay slip or financial statement.

Evaluate how much financial assistance you may require

Another important things to do is to determine how much you need for maintenance and child support. Depending on your income and your own personal expenses, the court will decide how much each of you will have to contribute for your children’s education and similar expenses.

Figure out your plan for after the divorce

Many things significantly change after the divorce. It is important that you ready yourself for the different changes and devise a course of action that you can rely on after the divorce is finalized. One major step is to prepare a financial plan with a reasonable budget which will allow you to live comfortably after your divorce without the worry of getting into debt. You may also think of other plans like that of starting a new set of routines and hobbies that you can do alone.

When you decide upon divorce, it is important to prepare yourself emotionally, psychologically, and financially in order to help you cope with the situation. While this can be difficult, good preparation yields a less stressful and difficult outcome.

Useful Weight Loss Tips – Are You Are You Serious About Losing Weight?

It’s a given to be naturally worried about your bulging midsection or the fact that you can barely walk up the fifth step of the stairs without feeling like you’re ready to faint. Of course, you get concerned when your blood pressure reads 140/90 mmHg and you’re barely 30 years old. When you go shopping and no clothes fit, the alarm bells in your brain go into overdrive and you know you’ve got to do something.

The question is: Are you ready to lose weight? This might seem like a foolish one to ask to someone who is already experiencing the negative effects of putting on excess weight. But far too often, embarking on a fat loss program when you are not ready for it is the reason why you eventually relapse and go back to your old unhealthy ways. Weight loss readiness is an important part of successfully battling the belly bulge. How do assess if you’re truly prepared to shed off those excess pounds?

For starters, you’ve got ask yourself if you’re up for the challenge. Weight loss entails a major overhaul in terms of your eating and lifestyle habits. If you normally rely on fast food or processed foods for your meals, then you’ve got to be ready to fill up on healthier options like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. And not just for a couple of weeks or months, mind you, but for the long-term. You’ve also got to be absolutely committed to put exercise into your life. This is perhaps one of the most difficult areas of any fitness program but an honest appraisal of your weight loss readiness entails you to positively answer “yes” when you’re asked if you can devote at least half an hour each day for some form of physical activity. If you’re not motivated enough to inculcate these changes into your life, then embarking on a fat loss program will be futile.

Another important indicator of your willingness to change for the better is if you’re in the middle of a life-changing event. If you are going through a rough divorce, are burdened with responsibilities related to your career, have recently lost a loved one or are in the midst of difficult financial challenges, then you’re not really ready to take on a challenging fat loss program. While some find solace in going to the gym while in the middle of a particularly rough break up, a long-term weight loss program can never be achieved while still in the midst of such emotional upheavals. Unresolved stress, anger and grief can easily lead to a phenomenon known as emotional overeating even when you’re trying to shed the extra pounds. It’s best to wait until things have eased up a bit before undergoing the rigors of a fat loss regimen.

Finally, you can never truly be ready for any form of life-changing fitness programs unless you are really made accountable for your actions. Thus, having a friend, family member or a personal trainer to answer to when you fail to live up to your commitment is integral to a successful weight loss program. They also offer much-needed support and encouragement when you feel too weak to continue with your fat loss efforts.

When you have affirmatively addressed all these weight loss readiness concerns, then you can embark and successfully embrace a fitter, healthier lifestyle as you shed the fats away.

Health and nutrition fanatic, mountain biking enthusiast, and proud father of 4.

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Marriage Cannot Be Repaired – Tips On Divorce Filing

When going through the process of filing for divorce it can be an extremely painful experience for all those involved. However by knowing what to expect throughout from first filing to the divorce being completed can make it much easier to deal with. In this article we provide a number of tips on divorce filing which you may find useful in helping to understand the whole process a lot better.

1. Know Your Rights – It is vital that you know exactly what your rights are and have an equal say in what happens with the assets that you and your partner have accumulated over the years. In addition, you need to know exactly what your rights are with regards to access to see your children during the divorce process and once it has completed. If you do not know, exactly what your rights are then you should find out as much as possible before you actually proceed with filing for divorce.

2. Know The Divorce Process – Before you even actually start filing for divorce you should first have a clear understanding of the whole process. Therefore, take a little time out to sit down and actually look at and understand the two different types of divorce processes you can file for.

These are “Absolute” and “Limited” and the first type will take much longer to complete and ends up with the couple being completely free from their partner and able to marry again if they so wish. Whilst the Limited Divorce is rather a legal separation where the couple can live separate lives but does not allow the opportunity for them to remarry if they so wish. Many couples initially go down the Limited Divorce route in order to see if they really do want to divorce for good.

3. Find The Best Lawyer – As previously mentioned the whole process of filing for divorce is very stressful and painful. So to avoid making a bad situation much worse then employ a lawyer who understands divorce laws fully. It is best in this situation to employ a lawyer who specifically deals in divorce matters and will know exactly what your rights are with regards to assets and any matters relating to children you may have with your partner.

4. Know The Costs – Before you go with any particular lawyer when filing for divorce you should speak to several first. Ask them to provide you with details of all the kinds of charges and fees that you will be expected to pay during the whole process. If at any stage after choosing your lawyer you are unsure of what the costs are that you have been charged for then talk to them immediately. It is important that you know exactly where you stand as money is going to be tight for sometime afterwards and you do not want to be hit with any unexpected charges.

5. Know The Terms Of Your Divorce – Yes you have employed a good lawyer to deal on your behalf with your divorce proceedings, but it is still important that you understand all the terms of it. Therefore if at any stage during the proceedings you are not sure what a particular agreement means that talk to your lawyer before you sign off on it. Therefore read through all the paperwork that is sent through to you and understand everything that is discussed within it before signing it.

We have provided the above tips which you can then use if at any stage you are considering filing for divorce. These tips on divorce filing should hopefully help to make the whole process a little more stressful. But as well as keeping these points in mind you should also make sure that you stay in regular contact with the lawyer who is acting on your behalf during the whole divorce process.

Above we have supplied some very good tips on divorce filing to make the whole process a little less complicated. If you would like to find out more about all aspects relating to divorce issues then visit

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8 Tips To Remember When Hiring Residential Appraisers

Delaware appraisers play an important role in the real estate industry. They are responsible for estimating the value of property for buyers, sellers, financial institutions and local governments. Their services can also be requested by banks when borrowers want to refinance their home.

When you are in need of a talented appraiser to establish the proper market value of a home or to determine your property’s loan-to-value ratio, which can affect the down payment amount a buyer should bring to the closing, keep these eight helpful tips in mind. The information can help you to track down the best appraiser in your area.

1. Request recommendations from realtors and loan officers. These professionals are familiar with the local appraisers and the work they deliver. Only the most proficient appraisers will be hired by banks.

2. Although you located cheaper New Jersey or Maryland assessors, be smart and stick to local appraisers. They are much more familiar with the home values in your neighborhood.

3. Always verify a residential appraiser’s credentials. This includes a state license and certification. Many appraisers can operate in different states. Ensure that your professional is allowed to work in the northeastern portion of the Delmarva Peninsula.

4. Whether for pre-listing property, estate evaluation, trust funds, divorce proceedings or lending related transactions, find a real estate appraiser unwilling to sacrifice quality. Every job should be completed correctly the first time around. Ask what you have to do to ensure that the house or condo is ready for the inspection.

5. Before making a decision, always make a list of Delaware appraisers. Check the reputation of each candidate, as well as the fee each one charges. While quality is of the highest importance, so is your bank account. Why pay extra when there is no need for it?

6. Compose a list of targeted questions for your contenders. You could ask them, e.g., how long they have been working in the industry, what attracted them to this profession, will they explain their reports in detail to you, and how do they update their knowledge on changing property values. As we all know, the real estate market has been fluctuating quite a bit in recent years.

7. Ask your candidates for property improvement tips. Only true assessors will spend time and energy helping their customers. They will point out which problems can be resolved quickly and which ones will need a lot more attention.

8. Request references. Reputable appraisers should have no problem producing at least three recent recommendations.

Fiels Appraising, Inc is a local, quality Delaware appraisers on the Delmarva Peninsula.(

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Tips to get a better price for your home in NY via affordable appraisal

Selling a home is ever been difficult. Now every penny counts more than ever which means that every leaky window, every dangling gutter and every ugly cabinet can make a big difference in the price of the house. Price the house incorrectly and it could mean a long stay on the market, a final selling price lower than what the house is worth or both.

Keep a list of all the updates made and be ready to hand it over; a sketch plan of the house indicating square footage also helps. Also have a list of updating done within the last 15 years. Make a note of each update with the approximate date and approximate cost. Also highlight the notable features of the property. Remember to notify appraiser of the new item, like a new roof or insulation. Don’t forget the minor items. For example, I mistakenly told the appraiser we hadn’t updated kitchen but actually we had installed a new sink and had the pipelines sealed. That counts, according to the experts.

Be mindful of peeling paint. Government-insured loans such as FHA and veterans’ loans will require peeling paint to be removed in houses built before 1978. Focus. “Don’t spend money that won’t yield a return on the investment. The best expenditures for most markets are paint, carpet, light and plumbing fixtures. Prioritize what to do; if homeowner who has upgraded and fixed items as they broke, he should be fine.

Location still matters. If there have been changes to the neighborhood, mention them, from a new playground or a supermarket. If the area’s just been declared a landmark, let the appraiser know. Fix leaky faucets, cracked windows, missing hand rails and structural damage.

Also remember the concept of “effective age,” the age the appraiser can assign to a home after taking into consideration updating and condition. Appraisers say they get annoyed enough by homeowners following them around. Appraisers can hack off hundreds, even thousands, of dollars from the house’s value just for having an unkempt yard. Redo the entire kitchen, adding a new faucet can be considered an update and it adds value.

Experts say a clean, clutter-free house can appraise 10 percent higher than the exact same messy home. Carpet on top of carpet will read like there’s a stain. You don’t want to give the appraiser the impression that you’re hiding something. Remove Excess Furniture. The less furniture in a room, the larger the space looks.
Everything in the house should work. If something doesn’t work properly, replace it, fix it or remove it. If there is a feature in the home that is special, point it out. Keep the door open to a phenomenal closet before the appraiser comes.

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